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Engine and price of Honda Pilot 2018

Honda Pilot is one of the best model of SUV car. It comes from Honda – as the one of the great car manufacture in the world. I am sure that by some kinds of the new features inside Honda Pilot 2018, people will have more powerful journey with their family. In this occasion, we will talk about the engine of Honda Pilot 2018 and its price. I hope that this writing will give some inspiration for you all.

Honda Pilot 2018 engine

Now, let us see the engine of this Honda Pilot 2018. Here, the manufacture applies 3.5L V6 engine, which will provide up to 280 HP. It is one of the great engine, which will provide the powerful performance, especially when you want to have a challenging journey. In other hand, there are two kinds of transmission type with six and nine gearbox. You can consider it for you special choice.

Price of car

As the one of the new car, I am sure that customers are waiting about the price of Honda Pilot 2018. People need to know that the official price of this Honda Pilot 2018 is still unknown. However, the gossips say that the price of it is around $34,000. It is the appropriate price when we see the detail of this car.

Well, based on a brief explanation of this car as above, we all know that it can be the special choice for you. Just keep the update information of Honda Pilot 2018 before you choose it. Please be patient in waiting its released date. Honda Pilot 2018 is one of the great new car for you. This new SUV car will renew the sense of your journey with your family.

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Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot

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