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Seeing the detail new engine of 2018 Honda Pilot

Before you choose the kind of your favorite car, it will be nice to see the engine of it. Of course, it is because engine will influence the performance of the car. Now, we will talk about the detail engine of 2018 Honda Pilot. Yes, this car is one of the special car from Honda. We all know, Honda is one of the great car manufacture. Now, how about its engine?

Balance engine for powerful performance

Inside this 2018 Honda Pilot, Honda applies 3.5L V6 engine. It is one of the great engine for the SUV car. By the use of this engine, the nice 2018 Honda Pilot may provide up to 280 HP in total power. Besides the powerful power, it applies two kinds of transmission – as the six and nine transmissions, which will challenge your controlling.

New technology of engine

What make the engine of this 2018 Honda Pilot special is the new technology there. Here, the manufacture of 2018 Honda Pilot applies the turbo-charged engine, which will give the better acceleration, especially when you want to force the top speed. In other hand, it also has the full injection engine to decrease the use of the fuel. It will be so efficient!

By the explanation above, we know that 2018 Honda Pilot has nice and excellent engine, which will provide the special performance for you. Now, you need to be patient waiting the released date of this car! Please keep the update information of this car through internet. 2018 Honda Pilot has a new excellent engine, which will challenge you in your journey. Please be patient in waiting its released date.

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Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot

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